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I Teach People In A One Or Two Day Seminar the Things It Took Me 30 + Years To Learn!


Jim Crutchfield is President and CEO of Lynnhaven Consultants Company, a consulting firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He has 30-plus years experience in corporate America in sales and sales management.

Most recently, Jim has presented educational seminars in areas of public speaking, selling skills, and management skills, always receiving good to excellent evaluations in all areas.

Jim has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Wesleyan University in Liberal Studies with emphasis in English/Creative Writing.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association, and Toastmasters International.

Jim is fond of saying, "It is extremely gratifying to me to teach people in a one or two day seminar the things it took me many years to learn."



Coming Soon..... 

2022 Seminar Schedules
Seminars Via ZOOM!!!

Public Speaking
Selling Skills
Supervisory Skills

Registration Will Open Soon!!


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